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Looking to run a Giveaway, but not sure where to start? Keep reading!

Set Goals for Your Giveaway

- What are the reasons you are doing a giveaway?
- Are you trying to grow your audience?
- Are you about to launch a new product?
- Looking to build your following?

Set Rules & Run Time

- Add a list of rules required to enter the giveaway.
- Examples: Tag a friend, Like this post, Save this post, Share to your story.
- Also, provide an end date/time that the giveaway will close.
- Be clear on when you will announce the giveaway winners.
- Make sure your giveaway also follows Instagram’s Guidelines.

Figure Out Your Prize

- What type of prize are you giving away?
- Which audience will this prize appeal to?
- The prize should match the level of action you want people to take.
- The prize should be related to your company in some way.
- You want to attract followers that will like your brand and continue to engage.

Promote Your Giveaway

- Find ways to spread the word about your giveaway!
- Post to your feed, Post to your story, Use Reels, Other Social Platforms, or Your Website.

Types of Giveaways

Like or Comment to Win

The simplest way for your audience to participate is to have them like your post and leave a comment! Include a call to action for participants to enter & win. This will also create less work on your end, because it is that easy!

Tag a Friend

Tagging a friend allows your audience to reach an even wider audience FOR YOU! By tagging friends, they are bringing new people to your page by encouraging them to enter as well.

Photo Challenge

This is a great giveaway option if your giveaway has to do directly with a product you offer. One example of a photo challenge is to have people enter in a selfie contest. They snap a picture with your product & add it to their feed/story and tag you. You can also offer bonus entries if participants leave you a review too!

Caption Contest

Add an image to your feed & ask your audience to submit their best caption to fit the photo in the comments below! In order to build brand awareness and recognition, you should use a photo that is directly related to your brand/services/products. The rules are simple - the caption you find the most clever wins!

Trivia Contest

With a trivia contest, your followers can be tested on their knowledge & have fun while doing it! Ask questions about your brand, history, or even a trending topic. Asking questions about your brand helps educate others on what you’re all about! Anyone who answers correctly gets their name placed into a pool. Use a giveaway generator wheel to choose a random winner!

Repost to Instagram Story

Usually used in addition to liking, commenting, and tagging a friend - offer bonus entries by telling participants to share the giveaway post to their story as well. This can help you reach a wider audience based on all of those individuals’ followers! Whenever someone shares to their story, you will receive a notification. This makes it easy to keep track to pick a winner.

Follower Milestone

Celebrate your business reaching a company milestone by offering a giveaway! This allows you to thank you current audience for their support, as well as drive new followers to your page.

Hashtag Contest

Participants can enter a Hashtag Contest by posting a photo or story with a hashtag you have generated. This hashtag can be just for the giveaway, or can be a hashtag you often use for your business! You can then use a name generator wheel to choose a random winner based off of who has entered.

Email List Sign Ups

By using the link in your bio, giveaway participants can sign up for your email list to enter into the contest. This can help you generate new leads and reach a wider audience than you current have. This giveaway option does require participants to offer up their names, emails, etc. - so, make sure the giveaway is something they will really want! This will entice them to follow through with the email list.

Collab With Other Brands

Giveaways that are run in collaboration with other brands is a small business favorite. Collabs can help you not only reach a wider audience, but also offer bigger & better prizes - because there are two companies involved. In order to enter these giveaways, participants must follow both brands!

Choosing a Giveaway Winner

Wheel of Names

The easiest way to choose a random giveaway winner is by using the Wheel of Names. This feature allows you to enter each name (or Instagram Handle) into the wheel. Then, give it a spin & it'll choose who wins! Wheel of Names:

Who to Add to The Wheel

Before entering every name into the wheel, confirm that they have followed all Giveaway rules. This ensures that your Giveaway winner did what you asked of them! If you offered a chance for a bonus entry, enter those names into the wheel a second time.

Spinning the Wheel

Once all of your names are entered into the wheel, click to spin! Do this as many times as you have prizes available to give away.

Record Your Screen

A great way to make your followers feel involved is to record your screen as you spin the wheel. This also gives your followers proof that the giveaway winners were chosen at random!