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Whether you are an admin, or just a fan. Follow the directions bellow to invite your network to like a Facebook Page.


Login to your personal Facebook. Open the Page you’d like to share.

Three dots Button

Tap the three dots below the cover photo.

Invite Friends

Click “Invite Friends” at the bottom of the list. A popup will comeup on the screen.

Your Friend List

Here, you should see 3 tabs labeled “Not Invited” “Selected” and “Invited”. Under the “Not Invited” tab, you are able to search your friend list for specific friends that you would like to invite.
Click “Invite Friends”.

Selected vs. Invited

The friends you have selected can be viewed under the “Selected” tab. Review your selected friends. Once you have confirmed all of the friends you’d like to invite, click “Send Invites” at the bottom of the list in the Selected tab.

Already Invited

You can see all of the friends who received your invitation under the “Invited” tab once you have completed the previous steps.