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Let's get started with your Facebook strategy!
But first, we will need access to your business page through Meta Business Suite.


Login to your personal Facebook. Click on your business page. Open Meta Business Suite.


Click on the gear at the bottom left to open your settings. Then, click the gear again in the sidebar on the left where it says Business Settings.


Scroll down to the bottom of the left sidebar. Click "Requests" and accept the Don Creative Group request.


We may also need you to send a request to us to become a "Partner" of your business page. This will only be needed if the first step does not give us full access.

Our Email and Business ID

When you send your request, you will need our Email and Business ID. Our email is and our Business ID is 184233286367557

We're All Set

From there, we should have full access to your Facebook Business Page! If there are any other settings that we need to review, we will reach out to you directly.