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Did you know Instagram Reels have a TON of editing features to help you create?

Here are some features that we love!

How to Edit Reels

When viewing other Reels, press the camera icon on the top right corner and it will take you to the Reels editing page OR swipe the Instagram home screen to the right OR click on the plus icon on the top right of your profile screen

  • The gear in the top left corner is where you can find some settings such as who will be able to see your Reel, where you want it to save after you post it, etc.
  • The middle top of the screen is where you can turn flash on or off


On the left-hand side of the screen:

  • ‘Length’ allows you to set your video length to either 15 or 30 seconds
    • Once you begin recording, you can no longer change the length of your video
  • ‘Sounds’ is similar to TikTok where you can add or search for sounds
    • You can hit ‘Saved’ to view saved sounds
    • You can save sounds by clicking on the ribbon icon
  • ‘Speed’ allows you to change the speed your video is filmed once you begin recording
  • ‘Effects’ lets you add features to make your video more engaging
    • When you tap on the name of an effect at the bottom of the screen, you can add it to your favorite, send it to someone, or search for more effects
    • You can also save your favorite effects by clicking the ribbon icon
    • The ‘Green Screen’ effect is what allows you to record a video with a different picture or video as the background
    • In order to showcase multiple photos without yourself in the frame, you need to duck away from the camera
  • ‘Touch Up’ blurs your pores and enhances the quality
  • ‘Timer’ gives you a countdown to when it begins filming, and it also allows you to select where you want your video to stop recording, so it gives you a hands-free ability
  • ‘Align’ allows you to make transitions between clips by showing what your last frame was
    • This button only appears after you have started recording


The camera icon on the bottom right of the edit screen is where you can flip the camera. The bottom left is where you can upload pictures or videos from your camera roll.

  • When you begin filming, a pink line will start to fill up on the top of the screen. This tells you how much of your designated video length you’ve used up
    • The arrow on the bottom right of the record button is where you can preview your video
      • Here, you can trim or delete your clips by pressing either the scissors or trash can icon
      • You can also upload clips from camera roll to splice them together
    • The arrow on the bottom left of the record button deletes the last clip you recorded


At the top of the preview screen:

  • ‘Download’ will save a copy of your Reel to your camera roll
  • ‘Stickers’ is where you can add stickers or emojis
  • ‘Draw’ is where you can draw on the screen
  • ‘Text’ allows you to add text to your Reel
  • You can edit the font, color, and highlight of the text
    • The blue lines that appear when moving text ensures your text won’t get cut off based on the crop of the video
    • You can move the cursor at the bottom of the screen after you type out a text to set the duration


When you hit the right arrow again on the bottom right, it takes you to the publish page

  • Here, you have the option to post your video as a Reel or a Story
  • ‘Cover’ is where you can edit the thumbnail of your video or select a photo from your camera roll as your cover
  • You can also add a caption
  • It’s recommended to select the ‘Also Share to Feed’ option so a preview of your Reel will appear in your feed and get more exposure


Then, you can ‘Share’ or ‘Save as Draft’