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Instagram Reels can be difficult to conquer if you are Camera Shy.

Here are some tips that can help!

What to Do if You are Camera-Shy

Being on camera for the first time can be a scary thought for those who tend to be camera shy. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! Here is a guide to help you face those fears and relieve your on-camera anxiety.


Step 1: Get comfy with a camera

  • For one week, just record yourself talking to a camera
  • Don’t share the clips
  • Watch them and note your on-camera actions

Step 2: Plan and prepare

  • Write out bullet-point notes
  • Think about the story or message you are trying to convey

Step 3: Face the light

  • Natural light is your friend
  • Face the window
  • Keep your background simple

Step 4: Appearance check

  • Smooth or comb hair
  • Add lip balm or lip gloss

Step 5: Power stance

  • Stand like a warrior
  • Hands on hips, chest out, and take a few breaths
  • Jump up and down to release energy

Step 6: Record inside Instagram

  • You can use the Camera app, but it saves a reverse version of your file to the camera roll

Step 7: Go hands-free

  • You can switch camera perspectives while recording
  • You can still zoom in and out with one finger

Step 8: Choose a filter

  • Recommended: Subtle or Light Leak or Focus

Step 9: Talk to your camera, not reflection

  • Put a sticker where the camera is
  • The lens is the eyes of the viewer

Step 10: Talk to a friend

  • Put a sticky note with your best friend’s name
  • Think: You’re talking to one person, not hundreds

Step 11: Talk clearly with energy

  • It’s natural to mumble or talk to yourself
  • Project your energy
  • Enunciate your words
  • Stand up

Step 12: Make a mistake? Keep going!

  • This is the normal cadence of speaking
  • Viewers prefer mistakes over perfections
  • Don’t be overly hard on yourself
  • Just get the content out

Step 13: Smile and blink

  • Start with a slight smile
  • This is the best way to feel camera ready
  • Breathe, this helps you blink naturally

Step 14: Save the files

  • Sometimes the app crashes while editing
  • Save the files so you can post them later
  • Or use them unedited for future use

Step 15: Be confident and believe in yourself!